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What is contouring?

Contouring is a great way to lose that unwanted fat and wrinkles. Patients can have their crows feet tightened, their necks trimmed up, as well as other areas of the face. Patents who are in the process of losing weight can have their abdomen, front and back as well as their legs tightened. Each session is only 30-45 minutes. This leads to no down time in regards to redness of the skin disappearing. Even if you are not trying to lose weight the contouring machine can help to tighten the upper arm, abdominal, buttocks, love handles and leg skin. The machine utilizes ultrasound waves to help break own the fat in the cells so the fat can pass thru the body easier. The only requirement on your part is drinking lots of water. By appointments only, contact the front desk to schedule an appointment.  


 Face: $50

Neck: $50

Both arms: $50

Abdomen: $175

Back: $100

One leg(front & back): $75

Both legs(front & back): $150

Buttock: $125

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